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mold making overview
— waste mold
— piece mold
— rubber mold
Mold making: overviw  
Plaster waste mold
Making a plaster waste mold is one of the cheapest ways of making a one-off copy of the original clay sculpture into a more permanent, durable piece of art. It is called a waste mold because the mold eventually gets destroyed by chipping it away, revealing the cast inside waste mold.

In this series of photos I show how I cast my life size sculpture of Connie and Phyllis.

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  Plaster press/piece mold
A plaster press /piece mold is great for producing a holllow clay sculpture that can be fired in a kiln.

First, a plaster mold needs to be made from a clay sculpture. Once this is done, clay is pressed into the individual plaster mold pieces. The moisture of the clay ithen gets sucked out by the dry plaster, allowing it to dry to a leather hard stage. Pieces can be handled and put together forming a hollow clay sculpture. Once dried completely it can be fired in a kiln.

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  Rubber mold
This series of photos were taken during a workshop that I took at the New Foundry in Brooklyn. There I learned how to make a rubber mold using the "clay blanket method" from a plaster sculpture of my self-portrait.

From the rubber mold, I went on to make two plaster duplicates of my portrait. If I choose to make a bronze in the future, I can use this rubber mold to make a wax.

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