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I love working with my hands. If I think back to my childhood, I can remember forming endless mud pies, the kneading of dough of homemade bread, the love of decorating cakes, creating structures with blocks and making paper maché puppets. In my twenties, during and after art school, I dabbled in printmaking, still life painting, cartooning, balsa wood carving, airplane making, stained glass, bookbinding, mosaics, and pottery.

Sculpting figures came to me later in my early thirties, after I decided that I needed a different creative outlet after a long day's work in the world of advertising. I began studying with Barney Hodes five nights a week at the Art Students League of New York in 1996. I immediately got sucked into this vortex of energy that his class exuded. I became hooked on sculpting life size figures for five years, learning and experimenting for endless hours.

The majority of work that you will see on this site was created from models who posed for me during that time at the Arts Students League and the rest are from my own imagination.

I believe creativity will always continue to cross my path in various forms, with each one influencing the next new endeavor in some way or another.

I currently live in Brooklyn, New York with my wonderful husband.

Art education

The Art Students League of New York

Full-time classes in sculpture with Barney Hodes, 1996-2001
Saturday drawing classes with Peter Cox
Sunday ecorché classes with Frank Porcu

Sotos School of Fine Art
Florida, 1984–1987

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